Women’s Health

Well Women Health Check

This will require two appointments, one with the doctor and one with the nurse. This can be done on two separate days however if time is an issue this can be done on the same day. The Doctor will perform a full clinical examination, breast check, pelvic examination, cervical smear and discussion on life style and health promotion. It is important to register with cervical check in advance of your visit to check for eligibility. Menopause will be discussed and managed if appropriate.

Family Planning Services

All methods are offered at the surgery. The consultation will include a discussion in relation to the methods mentioned below.  This will include the advantages and disadvantages of each method and will help us to choose which is the best method for you.

  • Combined oral contraceptive pill
  • Progesterone only pill
  • Depot Progesterone Injections
  • Evra Patch
  • Nuvaring
  • Implanon insertion
  • Mirena Insertion

Pre Conceptual and Fertility Advice

We offer a wide range of pre-conceptual and fertility advice to ensure you are in the best possible health before becoming pregnant.

  • Rubella immunity
  • Folic Acid
  • General advice re health prior to conception

Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening

Sexually transmitted diseases are common. They can be silent and infertility can be a consequence of some infection. Screening is very important for early detection.

  • Blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B & C
  • Swabs for Gonorrhoea and chlamydia


Cervical Smears

With the cervical screening programme, smears are due every three years from the age of 25 to 60. Smears are free if eligible on the cervical smear programme. If not eligible, private smears can be performed. If you feel you are due a routine smear please make an appointment.

Breast Screening

Breast examination and screening where necessary. Mammograms are available through Breastcheck for women aged between 50 and 64 every 2 years. Mammograms are available outside the Breast check programme for a fee.

Ante-natal and Post-natal Care

We provide combined Mother and infant care under the combined care scheme with the hospital. Combined care is offered in conjunction with our practice nurse. This service is available by completing a Mother and infant application form with your Doctor. We submit the form approval.

Care for other illnesses which you may have at the time but which are unrelated to pregnancy and not covered by the scheme and may incur a fee.

The maternity hospital will advise in some cases a GTT which is a check for diabetes in pregnancy.  This is available free of charge at the hospital however it may be carried out in the surgery and there is a fee for this service.

HSE Mother and Infant Scheme antenatal visits are provided free of charge to all expectant mothers and for your baby up to six weeks after delivery.  The scheme includes between six and seven antenatal visits during your pregnancy and two week check for your baby and a six week check for you and your baby.  Ante Natal Schedule is as follows.

1. Ante Natal Schedule

Before 12 weeks :     Visit to GP

Before 20 weeks:     Visit to maternity hospital/Obstetrician

24 weeks:                  Visit to GP

28 weeks:                  Visit to GP (unless 1st pregnancy):  Visit to maternity Hospital ( first  pregnancy)

30 weeks                   Visit to GP

32 weeks:                  Visit to maternity Hospital /Obstetrician

34 weeks:                  Visit to GP

36 weeks:                  Visit to maternity Hospital/Obstetrician

37 weeks:                  Visit to GP

38 weeks:                  Visit to maternity Hospital/Obstetrician

39 weeks:                  Visit to GP

40 weeks:                  Visit t maternity /Obstetrician

2. Post Natal Care

2 weeks post natal:          Visit to GP  (for baby )

6 weeks post natal:          Visit to GP  (for both mum and baby)

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